Northern Electric REA in Bath, SD recently went to GIS for its mapping updates and advanced technologies for its entire external (Operations Line Crews) and internal (office personal including Operations Dispatch, Work Order Clerks, and Member Services Department) operations.

Having had a GIS mapping system built and in working order, Northern Electric needed it be continually updated and maintained and began looking for a solution to help with its growth and maintenance. We needed an answer that was GIS based, contractor oriented, and user-friendly for both the contractor and Northern Electric’s GIS/Operations Department.

The best solution for Northern Electric was Larson Utility Solutions based in Huron, SD. They offer a one-stop shop with out of the box solutions that work in real time. They have the staff, equipment, and knowledge for useful GIS mapping solutions.

Larson Utility Solutions’ expertise in construction fits into our construction needs and operation work flow process with Northern Electric’s line crews. Their staking and GPS records fit seamlessly into our GIS, mapping, and staking work flow process.

All of this helps provide GPS accurate mapping for both Operations Dispatch and Operations Line Crews. Their electronic records of footages, wire, and other outside plant records work great for our Work Order Clerk and Materials Department work flow processes.

If you are looking for a technologically advance contractor working for the betterment of its customer, look no further than Larson Utility Solutions.

Tyler Marken, GIS Coordinator/Operations Dispatch
Northern Electric Cooperative