About Us

Larson Digging, Inc.

Since 1962, Larson Digging, Inc. has been installing underground power and telecommunication cables throughout eastern South Dakota. Larson Digging, Inc. works with the majority of South Dakota’s Rural Electric Associations to install new or replace existing underground power and is expanding its underground telecommunication installation by working for companies such as GoldenWest and Midcontinent Communications.

Larson Digging, Inc. is based out of Iroquois, SD.


Larson Cable Trailers, Inc.

Larson Cable Trailers, Inc. started in the mid 2000’s making trailers to fit the ever-expanding needs of electric and telephone industries. Recently, new cable trailer designs have been introduced to meet the needs of the water and oil industries. Sales of Larson Cable Trailers can be seen throughout the region and even as far as Australia and South America.

Larson Cable Trailers, Inc. is based out of Huron, SD.


Larson Utility Solutions

Larson Utility Solutions started in 2009 with its main focus in providing solutions to power companies in South Dakota.

This mainly involved management for installation of distribution power lines both underground and overhead. This entails mapping and documentation for obtaining easements and permits, oversight of power line installation, and retirement and project close out procedures.

During the 2012 construction season, we added GIS and mapping services to compliment the services we already provide.

As we expand these mapping services beyond the installation of underground power lines to system wide mapping services for power companies and other utilities, we are constantly looking for opportunities to perform these services in the most efficient and accurate means possible.