GIS Services

Innovative solutions for utilities interested in asset management include:

  • Overhead and underground equipment inventories. 
  • Easement areas and highway permits.
  • Data collection for construction work plans.
  • Integration with One Call.
  • Underground facilities that are difficult to locate.
  • Conduit ends for bores and future reference points.
  • Public and private utility crossings.
  • Joint-use attachments.

In addition to our utility solutions, we offer a variety of other GIS services including:

  • Converting physical maps into a digital format by digitization.
  • Importing CAD or XY coordinates into a geodatabase.
  • Designing a site suitability for proposed buildings or infrastructure.
  • Proximity, perimeter, and corner mapping.
  • Trail and location maps by collection of GPS coordinates.
  • General map making such as soil type, elevation, basic farm, parcel, buffer maps needed for permit acquisition, and many more.

Please contact us with any questions about the GIS services we offer.